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Sermon: Binding Blind and Broken Bodies

Pastor Kate Hillis continues her Lenten sermon series on “Living Into Our Baptismal Call.” In this week’s message based on John 9, Pastor Kate challenges us to examine God’s call upon us to be nurturers in our communities. How do we create a sense of hope? Hope starts here!

Sermon: We All Get A Little Hangry

As we hunger and thirst for God, we must confront the barriers we build between one another, which can also be barriers to growing in our faith. In this message based on John Chapter 4, Pastor Kate Hillis recounts the story of the Samaritan woman who met Jesus at the well one day near Jacob’s mountain in Sychar, and how the conversation changed her life and her community.

Sermon: Do You Still Not Understand?

What does the Marvel superhero Dr. Strange have to tell us about God’s grace and our choices? Pastor Kate Hillis explores the topic as she continues her Lenten sermon series on “Living Into Our Baptismal Call,” preaching from John 3:1-10, which recounts Jesus’ discussion with Nicodemus about being born anew. Her message is titled “Do You Still Not Understand?”

Council of Churches Community Lenten Services

The Council of Churches of Hopewell Borough offer joint services during the Lenten Season. Services begin at 7:30 pm. Please refer to the chart for futher details.

Sermon Series: Living into Our Baptismal Call

For the Lenten season, Pastor Kate Hillis is preaching a sermon series titled “Living Into Our Baptismal Call.” In her first message, Pastor Kate reminds us that i’s not easy to renounce things that are bad for us, but that’s part of our spiritual journey.

Experience Holy Week with Us!

Join us for worship services during Holy Week! Invite your family and friends. All. Are. Welcome. #Easter #HopeStartsHere

HUMC Newsletter – March-April 2017

Our newsletter is posted, with lots of news for Lent and Easter as well as spring events and photos from worship, kids time, and other church events.

Reframing Worship: Signposts in the Dark

In this message from Matthew 17:1-9, Pastor Kate Hillis explores the challenge of walking in darkness, when we find it scary and hard to navigate. This is the final message in her sermon series on “Reframing Worship:The Way of Love.”