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Sabbath Devotional – Week Three

As we have a church-wide sabbath from church administrative meetings this month, you are invited to use this devotional to guide your thoughts for the week, or perhaps during a time when you might normally be in one of our church meetings. Take time to reflect on where God is leading you.

Sabbath Devotional – Week Two

Imagine, Discover, Wonder, & Connect. These words are intentional. So many of our days are centered around words like “doing,” “achievement,” “certainty,” and “busy.” We know that the world won’t stop turning, even if we stop for awhile — but most of us act like it will. This is not the life God created for us. Consider this while meditating on this week’s devotional.

Reframing Worship: Created for Wonder

In “Reframing Worship: Created for Wonder,” Pastor Kate draws upon her love of the ocean, and finding worship in God’s wonderous creation.

Immigration: Statement & Prayer from the College of Bishops

We are sharing a letter that was written by the College of Bishops of the Northeastern Jurisdiction, of which our church is a part. We have been asked to share this with the congregation in the midst of these challenging times in our country.

Sabbath Devotional – Week One

As promised, during the month of February we are taking a church-wide Sabbath month. Most of you know, this means NO MEETINGS! I am hoping you will utilize this time for some much needed rest and re-centering as we slow down and listen for God’s voice in our very busy lives, church, and world. Each week, we will publish a weekly devotional and you are invited to use it to guide your thoughts for the week.

Reframing Worship: The Way of Love

This message — Reframing Worship: The Way of Love — was preached on Jan 22, 2017, and based on the Scripture: 1 Corinthians 1:10-17.

Does Christianity Still Matter?

Does Christianity still matter? It’s a question that gets asked a lot by those concerned about a decline in church growth. People ask it when they see how a church’s idea of God comes into conflict with the current political, economic, and social issues of today. Read more of Pastor Kate’s thoughts.

January-February Newsletter

Lots of interesting and new activities at Hopewell United Methodist Church. And a message from Pastor Kate, which explores the question “Does Christianity Matter?”