Reframing Worship: Created for Wonder

In “Reframing Worship: Created for Wonder,” Pastor Kate draws upon her love of the ocean, and finding worship in God’s wonderous creation.

Reframing Worship: The Way of Love

Pastor Kate Hillis continues her sermon series, titled “Reframing Worship: The Way of Love.” In this series, we want to reframe and rediscover what is at the heart of the Christian faith – a life of love.

Reframing Worship: The Way of Love

This message — Reframing Worship: The Way of Love — was preached on Jan 22, 2017, and based on the Scripture: 1 Corinthians 1:10-17.

If Not Us, Then Who?

In this Advent message, Pastor Kate Hills looks at the experience of Zechariah as he receives the news that his wife Elizabeth will give birth.

Sermon Series: Wesley’s 3 Rules: Save All You Can

Are you a good saver? Pastor Kate Hillis explores this topic as she continues her sermon series on John Wesley’s 3 rules about money, using passages from Exodus 16 to discuss God’s guidance on saving.

Sermon Series: The Burden of Business as Usual

In this message, Pastor Kate Hillis discusses Jesus’ encounter with the moneychangers in the Temple and Wesley’s advice to “earn all we can.” But what are we earning for?

Sermon Series: We Need Wisdom

In a sermon series titled, “Earn, Save, Give,” Pastor Kate Hillis looks at John Wesley’s advice on stewardship. The first message in the series, titled “We Need Wisdom.”

Sermon Series: Earn, Save, Give

Hopewell United Methodist Church Pastor Kate Hillis will present a sermon series on stewardship and giving, focusing on John Wesley’s advice to Methodists on money and its role in our lives. The series is titled, “Earn, Save, Give.”