Stewardship: What We Sow, We Shall Reap

In the first of series of messages on stewardship, Pastor Ken Robinson notes that while churches need money to balance budgets and maintain their facilities, the most important metric is commitment to our Lord Jesus Christ. When we put faith first, the finances follow. This message was reached on Nov. 10, 201.

Hospitality: Why It Matters Today

In this week’s message, Pastor Ken Robinson focuses on the importance of hospitality, and how it remains relevant for modern Christians.

Video: Who Are Christians?

In this message, Pastor Robinson examines three attributes of being a Christian identified by James: praying, celebrating and caring.

Video: The Laughter of Heaven

Did Jesus laugh? Why don’t we see this in the Bible? In this message, Lay Speaker Rich Miller discuses how we can embrace the joy of Jesus alongside the salvation of the Savior.

Video: Pack Up Your Troubles … and Give Them to God

Pastor Ken Robinson continues his series of messages from the New testament book of James, reflecting upon our need to share our burdens with our Savior. His sermon title draws upon the title of a popular tune from days gone by reflecting an optimistic attitude. This message was preached at the Hopewell United Methodist Church… Read more

Video: Surrendering Ourselves to God

In this message from July 28, Pastor Ken Robinson preaches from James, Chapter 4, verses 7-10. “Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.” This sermon examines the importance of surrendering to God and walking humbly in the Christian life.

Video: Always Connected

Do you have a dial-up faith or a broadband connection with the Almighty? Pastor Ken Robinson discusses this choice in a message based on Colossians, chapter 3. This message was preached on July 21, 2013.