Sermon Series: Singing The Story of Christmas

Our Advent sermon series, “Singing The Story of Christmas,” examined the history of some of the most beloved Christmas hymns. As we prepare our hearts for Christ’s coming, we dig into some of our beloved Christmas carols to uncover their deeper meaning for us today.

Defying Gravity: Sermon Series on Stewardship

Pastor Kate Hillis presented a sermon series titled “Defying Gravity: Breaking Free From a Culture of More,” focusing on stewardship in November 2017. In “Discovering Gravity,” the kickoff message in the series, Pastor Kate examines why our “stuff” has such a strong hold on us.

I Choose to Give

In this sermon, titled “I Choose to Give,” Pastor Kate considers what it means for Christians to be called to service.

How Do I See the World in Color?

Pastor Kate Hillis likes to spread knowledge, both in life and around the sanctuary. In this message, titled “Belief to Becoming & The Art of Lifelong Learning, Pastor Kate discusses lifelong learning and how the foundation of knowledge is listening.

And Who Is My Neighbor?

Hurricane Harvey brought many examples of neighbor helping neighbor. Can we extend this type of unity to the larger divisions in our country? Lay speaker Rich Miller examines the Parable of the Good Samaritan.

Sermon: Wider Than We Think

In troubled times, how do we set aside our agendas, see one another, and respond in love and unity? As Pastor Kate reminds us, sometimes we need to listen to the voices of children. This message references Isaiah 56:1-8.

Sermon: Haunted By Our Better Selves

Why do busy people sometimes place themselves last? Self-care is not about avoiding life’s storms, Pastor Kate reminds us. It’s about preparing for them. Pastor Kate references Matthew 14-22-33, in which Jesus (and briefly Peter) walk on water ion the midst of a storm.

Sermon Series: Knowing God

In June, the congregation is considering “Knowing God.” Pastor Kate’s sermons are focusing on different elements of connection with God.

Sermon: What’s Climate Justice?

“What’s Climate Care, and What’s It Got to Do With Me?” That’s the question at the heart of this message from Pastor Kate Hillis as she continues her series on “Caring For Our Common Home.” This sermon reflects on the story of the Old Testament Prophet Amos, who was a “tree dresser” who tended to sycamore trees. Our Scripture is 5:4-15, 20-24.