Fruit of the Spirit: The Virtue No One Likes

Patiences happens to be the fruit of the spirit that does not come easily to most people. As we consider the fruit of the spirit, Pator Kate examines patience and its role in our lives. “The Fruit of the Spirit & the Virtue Nobody Likes” is available on video.

Fruit of the Spirit: Peace in Troubled Times

In this timely message, Pastor Kate Hillis continues her series on The Fruit of the Spirit with “Peace in Troubled Times.” Pastor Kate discusses where our peace comes from in anxious times and how living in an anxious society, often makes us very anxious people.

Sermon Series: Finding Hope in a Hurting World

For January our theme is “Hope In A Hurting World.” That’s the title of a sermon series from our pastor, the Rev. Dr. Kenneth Robinson, which kicked off Jan. 10 with a message based on Joshua 10:12 titled “Hope Beyond Discouragement.” Upcoming messages from Pastor Robinson will focus on “Hope Amid Hurt” (Jan. 17), “Hope in Uncertain Times” (Jan. 24) and “Hope Amid Discord.”

When Storms Rage

What do you do when storms rage and threaten your peace? Pastor Ken Robinson looks at how the Apostle Paul handled this situation in a message based on Acts 27:22-25: “Therefore take heart,” though your circumstances may seem dire.

Diversity, Division and Communion

To commemorate World Communion Sunday, the Rev. Ken Robinson discusses the diversity of the Christian church, and how it is reflected in Communion practices. In this message from Oct. 4, 2015, Pastor Robinson reflects upon the Scripture from 1 Corinthians 10:16-17 and how “we who are many are one body.”

Experience Our Online Video Ministry

There are some Sundays when it’s not easy to make it church. You can still experience an inspiring message through our YouTube channel. Here’s a recent message from Pastor Robinson’s series on “God’s Church.” See more videos on our HUMC channel at

Seven Last Words: It Is Finished

Pastor Ken Robinson continues his “Cries From the Cross” series on the “Seven Last Words of Christ.” In this week’s message, he preaches from John 19:29-30 – “It is Finished” This message was preached April 13, 2014 at the Hopewell Methodist Church.