Community Event: Learn All About Assistance Dogs

Join us on Sunday, February 15 at 3:00 PM for a program about the work and life of assistance dogs.

For a person with a disability, an assistance dog, who is a dog trained to aid or assist the person with daily tasks, the dog can make a great difference in their life. Some of these canine helpers are trained by a specific organization, while others are trained by a professional trainer.

Trained canines can help people with a variety of needs, from assisting the blind to helping disabled veterans cope after returning from war to those who experience seizures.

We will have an interactive presentation, including a “seeing eye” puppy raiser, meeting a “seeing eye” dog team and meeting a puppy in training.

We will also hear from a service dog trainer and see demos of tasks service dogs learn!

This educational event is free and open to the public. Please invite friends and family. Light refreshments will be served.

See our directions page for info on getting to the event.

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