Pastoral Care

Support for Life’s Challenges

Our pastor is available to meet with people about matters of personal concern. Please contact if you would like to set aside a time to speak personally with Pastor Kate about any matter. All conversations are kept in the strictest confidence.

Please understand that the pastor is not available for long-term clinical psychological care, but can share resources and make proper referrals as necessary.

Pastoral Visitations and Appointments

Our pastor makes visits to homes, hospitals, and nursing homes. Please be aware, hospitals no longer notify churches when a member is admitted because of the patient’s right to privacy.

Consequently, our pastor and church members often are not informed when someone from the church is ill or confined to a hospital, nursing home, or private residence.

Therefore, if you become ill or confined to a hospital, nursing home or your own home, please have a friend or family member contact the church office at (609) 466-0471 or email to let us know.

The pastor will then be able to plan a visitation and keep the community will keep you and your situation in our prayers.