Online Shopping to Benefit the Church

Planning to shop online this holiday season? Shop with a purpose at some of the largest retailers through Each purchase sends a donation to your local United Methodist church or favorite UMC-affiliated ministry–at no extra cost to you! Happy Shopping!

Thank you for participating. As you will see, many of the stores give at least a 4.5 percent donation to our church on the total of your purchases.

How to use

1. You’ll need to register before you start shopping through this website.
2. Go to My page and fill in information
3. Suggestion: watch the video under the tab “How it Works” to get a better understanding how this website works and how you can shop your favorite stores online through this.
4. NOTE: When it asks to Find your church: type in Hopewell Hopewell NJ
5. Once your done registering and watching the video go to the Stores tab and shop away!

SUGGESTION: to make this site a quick reference put it under your ‘Favorites’ and its always there when you are ready to shop.

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