Reframing Worship: The Way of Love

HUMC’s current sermon series is titled “Reframing Worship: The Way of Love.”

The sermon series explores how we worship and ultimately how we love. Pastor Kate describes it this way: “Does Christianity matter? What good is faith? These are questions that get asked all of the time by church and non-church folks alike! In this series, we want to reframe and rediscover what is at the heart of the Christian faith – a life of love. Love is not a concept that our present culture, or even the Church often gets right. So we are going to spend time unpacking what it means to worship God and learn a way of love that transforms our lives and the life we find in all of God’s creation. Worship cannot just be what we do on Sunday mornings — it is a way of Love.”

Join us on Sundays!

All are welcome – no exceptions! – to join us for worship services at 10 a.m.

Adult Sunday Small Group at 9 am is starting a new series on Incarnation and will be led by Pastor Kate. Join us each Sunday.

If you would like to see past sermons, view our Youtube channel for more videos in our archives.

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