Sermon Series: Living into Our Baptismal Call

In the early Christian church, Lent was a time of prepare and support people who were preparing for baptism and a lifelong Christian discipleship. Every week in worship, we are going to celebrate and contemplate what it means to live out different parts of our baptismal covenant as United Methodists! The overarching theme in worship will be entitled, “Living Into Our Baptismal Call.”

Pastor Kate’s Messages:

It’s not easy to renounce things that are bad for us, but that’s part of our spiritual journey, as Pastor Kate Hillis reminds us in “Remember & Renounce.” This message from March 5 kicks off a new Lenten sermon series titled “Living Our Baptismal Call.”

Other messages in the series:

Do You Still Not Understand? What does the Marvel superhero Dr. Strange have to tell us about God’s grace and our choices? Pastor Kate Hillis explores the topic as she continues her Lenten sermon series on “Living Into Our Baptismal Call,” preaching from John 3:1-10. From March 12, 2017.

We All Get a Little Hangry: As we hunger and thirst for God, we must confront the barriers we build between one another, which can also be barriers to growing in our faith. In this message based on John Chapter 4, Pastor Kate Hillis recounts the story of the Samaritan woman who met Jesus at the well. From March 19, 2017.

Binding Blind and Broken Bodies:  In this week’s message based on John 9, Pastor Kate challenges us to examine God’s call upon us to be nurturers in our communities. How do we create a sense of hope? Hope starts here!

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