A Word from Pastor Kate

A Community of Hope

Pastor Kate HillisAt Hopewell UMC, we believe that God has given us an awesome vision: to be a community of hope for a hurting world. But in a world reeling from natural disasters, polarizing opinions, racial tensions, acts of violence, and human devastation, this vision may seem more difficult than ever.

So what do communities of hope do?

Five things immediately come to mind:

  1. Believe that God is on the move: While we live in a culture in which we are inundated with negative information nearly all the time, a community of hope believes in a future where God is on the move and working to heal and make all things new.
  2. Expect and welcome difference: Communities of hope are not surprised when the people in them think and act differently. We recognize that since we come from different backgrounds and perspectives, we will have different ways of viewing the world. And we commit to learning what we can from one another
  3. Give generously: In a world where we are taught to earn as much as we can for ourselves, communities of hope choose to give to others. We give of our time, talents, and resources for the well-being of the whole community.
  4. Love neighbors: Communities of hope do not overlook the small ways we can show our closest neighbors love. Helping others find hope in a better future is often made up of a thousand little gestures of kindness. So communities of hope keep their eyes open wide to the small differences they can make in people’s lives.
  5. Commit to transformation: Communities of hope commit to worship, prayer, spiritual disciplines, and rest in order to become all that God is calling us to be. We seek to live balanced and whole lives, so that we might have something to offer others.

As I think about these things that jump to mind, I wonder — what do you think communities of hope should do?

— Pastor Kate

(Published in the Sept-Nov Newsletter)

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